Clarifying my intentions

After reading writer and producer Chuck Lorre’s “vanity” cards, I singled out a common factor in the whole lot. Consistently, he manages to get his opinion soundly expressed. Undoubtedly this is because of his uncanny comedic talent, see, humour amplifies the message intended. No?

Satire is loved, much like a breast from which we suckle the truth we desperately crave. But the truth cuts deep – it’s unapologetic, we find relief from its hard blows when it’s delivered  in a comedic context.
My point?
I’m a Christian, still eager and enthusiastic about sharing my faith. To practice evangelism, saving those we deem lost. It’s a polarised lifestyle: a great blessing but at the same time it makes being a devoted christian difficult(note the emphasis). Hurt, slandered and slain. One is constantly ridiculed and categorized as a foolish hypocrite and “unrealistic for believing in fictional characters”

Well good for them. My “Fictional character” urges me forward, standing firm for what I believe and also to show love because people need to be saved, the fact that they don’t know they need saving makes nothing easier. There’s countless movement dedicated to preaching the gospel, but if they want to reach us with Jesus, they’ve got to do better than some screaming preachers.

Nevertheless I’m going to play my role. Don’t be surprised to see a satirical view of God, don’t take it the wrong way – humour is a powerful tool. So journey with me into the teachings of Jesus, it’s a big ask but at least you’re guaranteed a few laughs to soften the hard-hitting reality.